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It's a new year and housing experts are saying that the housing markets in Western Washington are definitely in recovery mode. Low interest rates coupled with low inventory has fueled area home sales.  Inventory, while improving, continues to be a source of worry for most real estate brokers through out the Western Washington region. 

Short sales,Government (FHA,HUD,VA) and Bank owned foreclosure properties have all played a hand in this as well. The Asst listing team is here to help make all of this easier for you as a buyer or seller.  Our team can simplify the process for you! Call 253-254-6684 or request info at info@assetlistingteam.com  and see what we can do for you!


Buyers and Sellers - Market conditions have changed!  Shortages and low inventory where more than 90 percent of the sales occur are creating multiple offers on properties.  Are you ready to take advantage of it?  This is a great time to buy or sell but.. You need to know how! Area housing inventory has been shrinking and you need to know how this can work for you.

With over 90 percent of property searches now being conducted online using social media sites, the internet and search engines, this ensures good properties are bought or sold before they even get advertised in magazines or newspapers. You can receive all of the newest listings on the market (including short sales, Government, bank owned, preforeclosure or foreclosure properties) listed for sale in the Tacoma, Olympia and surrounding Puget Sound Area's with our Listings Notification tools.  Free for your use and emailed directly to you! 



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This site is designed to help assist you in gathering information for making the important decisions needed to purchase or sell real estate in the Tacoma, Olympia and surrounding Puget sound area's. Use it knowing that it is constantly updated several times a day. Please bookmark it for future reference and feel free to call or e-mail us at any time for all of your real estate needs.


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