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Buyer Frustration Builds as Inventory Shrinks, Prices Rise

Here's what they're saying in the Puget Sound area...Home prices in the Puget Sound area hit new highs in February as buyers tried to outbid each other for the sparse inventory in much of Western Washington. With the number of single family homes for sale in King County down nearly 30 percent from a year ago, prices on last month's sales surged 19.8 percent, jumping from $429,900 to $514,975. Ten other counties in the 23-county area served by Northwest Multiple Listing Service also reported double-digit price gains for single family homes that sold last month, according to its latest statistics. Condo prices surged 19.6 percent.  What's this mean for you?... It's suggested by some Real estate brokers that.."Buyers who are looking for houses cannot start looking at the top of their affordability range -- they should look 15 or 20 percent below their limit and be prepared to go over list price if they have any hope of success," The reason for this one might ask? 

Current levels of inventory translate to 2.4 months of supply, well below the four-to-six months that industry experts use to indicate a balanced market. In the four-county Puget Sound region, supply is hovering near or below two months, with King County having the lowest level at only 1.3 months of supply. Snohomish County reported about 1.5 months, Pierce had slightly more than 2.1 months, and Kitsap County was at about 2.3 months.

"Buyer frustration continues to build as inventory levels drop and a mixed quality of homes comes on market," are the thoughts of several brokers. The spring forecast? Buyers will still see a lack of inventory and multiple offers are still a common occurence on properly priced properties through the spring time and into summer.

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